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Big Bang’s G-Dragon is friends with actress Yoon Eun Hye

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off his close friendship with actress Yoon Eun Hye.

On August 12, Yoon asked G-Dragon through Twitter, “Are you going to return to performing soon?” Then G-Dragon answered, “Yes, soon!”

People who read those comments responded: “G-Dragon has a lot of friends.” “I didn’t know the two stars knew each other.” “He will return to performing soon as a soloist.”

G-dragon previously drew a lot of attention by tweeting pictures of a money flower, tiger, table, and chair. He also posted a timer saying that there are only seven days left before his comeback.

Source: TV Report


G-Dragon’s Twitter Updates (12.08.11-12)

$$$$$ Money 꽃이피지 $$$$$

Translation: $$$$$ Money flower is blooming $$$$$

G-Dragon’s Countdown Timer for his 2nd Solo Album


3일째 밤샘…멘붕이오고있다

Translation: Been up 3 days straight…I’m having a mental breakdown


@1003Grace: is your comeback soon???
@IBGDRGN: Yeah Soon!

@1003Grace: woohoo~~ waiting waiting

Source: @IBGDRGN,, @1003Grace

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