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Daesung & Yoo In Na as MCs @ 131025 YG x MNET WIN EP 10 (FINALE)

Daesung pairs with Yoo In Na to MC live ‘WIN’—first MCing in 4 years since Show! Music Center

BIGBANG’s DAESUNG will be coupled with YOO IN NA to MC ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, a real survival program designed by YG Entertainment to determine the formation of the next boy group. The two will be MCing for the final live show.

This is the first time for DAESUNG to take part in the job in 4 years and 7 months since he took the pair MC position with BIGBANG’s SEUNGRI on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Center’ from May 2008 to March 2009.

On ‘WIN’ aired on Sept 27, DAESUNG made a brief appearance on the program with BIGBANG’s T.O.P as one of the judges. YOO IN NA has also been briefly involved with the program ‘WIN’, as she participated as the MC of the Production Sneak Preview in August, which was held in the Grand Ballroom at Seoul Yeongdeungpo Yeouido’s Conrad Seoul Hotel.

A person familiar with the matter stated, “We decided that DAESUNG, who has accumulated much experience in music program live shows and as an MC, would be a perfect partner for YOU IN NA to MC the final round of battle aired live. There are many sources of entertainment for the viewers now: apart from final battle, DAESUNG and YOO IN NA’s MCing skills will be another exciting feature of the show.”

The final battle will be aired live on Mnet, KM, OnStyle and Olive, while also streamed live on Daum website.

The third battle will encompass Team A (Song Min Ho, Kim Jin Woo, Lee Seung Hoon and Nam Tae Hyun) and Team B (B.I., Kim Jin Hwan, Bobby, Song Yoon Hyung, Koo Jun Hoe and Kim Dong Hyuk) preparing for their final missions, which include self-composed song, dance and remaking Producer Teddy’s songs. A total of 3 performances will be showcased on ‘WIN’ in the final round

In the final voting, text messaging with account for 60%, Daum website 20%, and Kakao Talk and Kakao Game ‘Fantasy Runners for kakao’ 20%.  1st and 2nd battles will each account for 20% of the final score, while the last one 60%, to determine the final team who would seize the group name WINNER.

‘WIN’ has also been drawing huge attention from abroad. China’s largest video-sharing website Youku streams the show exclusively, raking in more than 1 million viewers for each episode from 1 to 9, recording 10 million hits. It has also been aired in 10 different Asian countries from Sept 17, including on STAR TV-related Channel V and East Asia’s CJ E&M Channel M. Niconico video, Japan’s largest video-sharing website has made a special streaming for ‘WIN’ exclusively, while Arirang TV has been airing it in 188 countries to reach more enthusiastic international fans.

Source: OSEN=박현민 기자

Credit & Translation: yg-life


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Big Bang’s Daesung and Yoo In Na to Host ‘WIN’ Finale

Closing the curtains on one of the toughest survival programs ever, Big Bang’s Daesung and Yoo In Na will stand as MCs for YG Entertainment’s WIN: Who Is Next?

On October 22, YG Entertainment announced the singer and actress as the hosts who will organize the finale episode of the survival competition of the YG male trainees. The finale will be broadcasted live for two hours on four different television channels of Mnet, KM, OnStyle, and Olive.

The voting for Team A and B will also take place during the live broadcast as the trainees showcase their self-composed songs, the rearrangement of producer Teddy’s song, and dance performance.

The losing team will be disbanded, according to Yang Hyun Suk.

The finale will air on October 25.

Source: MWAVE


[ENG SUBBED] 130814 2NE1 & Kang Seung Yoon on Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio 

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Yoo In Na for InStyle (April) Magazine!

Big Bang’s Daesung, Yoo In Na and Sean Donate 30 Million Won from the Kiehl′s Project

Always finding time to do good deeds in the midst of their busy schedules, Big Bang’s Daesung, Yoo In Na and Sean donated 30 million won to the Purme Foundation.

On February 20, Sean visited the Purme Foundation in Seoul and donated part of the proceeds from the ‘Meet Mr. Bones’ project by cosmetics brand, Kiehl′s. The project began on June 29, 2012, where Daesung, Yoo In Na, and Sean personally participated in the designing of special edition cosmetics.

The proceeds were donated under the name of YG With to help build a rehabilitation hospital for children.

As the ambassador of the Purme Foundation, Sean has also promoted the 10,000 Won Miracle Project, asking donors to give 10,000 won a day for an entire year. Big Bang, Psy 2NE1, Se7en, Epik High, Gummy, Jinusean, Baek Ji Yeon, and Park Chan Ho are amongst the many who are supporting the project.

Photo Credit: Kiehl′s, Purme Foundation

Source: Enewsworld


[SUBBED] 120919 GD on Yoo In Na’s Turn Up the Volume

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G-Dragon in Yoo In Na’s KBS Turn Up the Volume

Source: KBS

G-Dragon in Yoo In Na’s KBS Turn Up the Volume

Source: KBS

G-Dragon: “I Tend To Date One Person For a Long Time”

G-Dragon, who recently made a solo come back, shared his dating style.

On September 19, G-Dragon was a guest on the radio show, “Yoo In Na’s Raise The Volume.” One listener submitted a question asking, “It seems like you have a lot of dating experience in your self-written lyrics?” G-Dragon answered, “Actually, I don’t really have a lot of dating experience.”

He continued, “I tend to date one person for a long time. I try to experience a lot of things with that one person.”

Then DJ Yoo In Na said, “You actually seem like a pure love kind of guy,” then he shyly asked himself, “Am I a pure love kind of guy?”

Another question asked, “What do you think is true love?” G-Dragon answered, “Please teach me. I don’t really know either.”

G-Dragon also performed “Crayon” and “Missing You” live during the show to many fans’ delights.

This radio show appearance is G-Dragon’s first since last April with his other Big Bang members. It’s been 3 years since his solo radio appearance in 2009.

G-Dragon wished to promote his solo album through the radio to reach even more fans. Also, the DJ Yoo In Na is also in YG Family, which was partially why G-Dragon chose to be a guest on “Raise The Volume.”

Source: Soompi

G-Dragon reveals how he relieves stress on ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up

On the 19th, G-Dragon made a comeback to the radio scene after one and a half years through ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘, where he told listeners how he relieves stress.

G-Dragon shared, “I don’t express my feelings often, but when I’m at my lowest, I think my family gives me the most strength. As well as my [Big Bang] members. I think the people who are close to me give me strength. If I’m going through a rough time, I cry alone sometimes,” crediting his friends and family as his support system.

He continued, “At one point, I began to realize that dwelling on my stress for a long time is not healthy for me. That is why I try to think positively.”

In other news, G-Dragon made a strong comeback as a solo artist with his mini-album ‘One of A Kind’, which has been doing well on music charts.

Source + Image(s): TV Daily via Nate

Translation: Allkpop

G-Dragon in Yoon In Na’s Turn Up the Volume (12.09.19)


G-Dragon chooses T.O.P as Big Bang member he has the least amount of contact with

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon selected T.O.P as the member whom he has the least contact with.

G-Dragon made his first domestic radio show appearance as a solo artist since 2009 on the September 19th radio broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up‘.

When asked which member of Big Bang he least stays in contact with, G-Dragon selected T.O.P and revealed, “The other members are young so they frequently contact me, but T.O.P doesn’t do that.”

He then went on to explain,T.O.P is usually like that. If the members are texting and open up a chat room, he doesn’t really join in on the conversation. But he says he doesn’t realize this.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also caught the attention of listeners after confessing that he doesn’t have much experience when it comes to dating.

Source: XSports News via Nate

Translation: Allkpop

Big Bang’s G-Dragon Says It Wasn’t His Sexy Body in the ‘Crayon’ MV

One of the many surprising things that happened in the music video for Crayon was when a woman with beautiful curves turned around to be revealed as Big Bang’s G-Dragon. 

Unfortunately for the people who actually believed G-Dragon’s body was that voluminous, G-Dragon revealed that it wasn’t him. 

He appeared on KBS’ radio program, Yoo In Na’s Raise the Volume on September 19,where he talked about his first solo album in three years. 

With ‘G-Dragon Dressed Up as a Woman’ being a hot topic since Crayon’s release, Yoo In Na had to ask about it, to which G-Dragon replied, “Truthfully, that’s not me in the music video. It’s only my face when I turn around.” 

He added, laughing, “My body isn’t like that.” 

Photo Credit: KBS

Source: Enewsworld

G-Dragon to make his first domestic radio show appearance in 1.5 years through ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up’

G-Dragon is set to appear on ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Upradio program on September 19th.

According to information provided to us by YG Entertainment, this will mark the artist’s first radio appearance since appearing with his fellow Big Bang members one and a half years ago and the first time as a solo artist since 2009. Fans will be in for a treat as they will get to both hear G-Dragon share the stories behind the preparations for his new solo album, ‘One of A Kind‘, as well as watch him perform his newly released tracks live on the show.

Although YG Entertainment artists do not frequent TV and radio programs, G-Dragon is said to have specially decided on making this appearance to show his gratitude for his fans’ support. G-Dragon’s upcoming feature is also garnering interest for fans who are curious to see the interaction between the singer and Yoo In Nafor she is also under the same agency.

In other news, G-Dragon has been dominating the music scene with his new solo album and his newly released “Crayon” MV, which has already achieved over a million views. G-Dragon is set to officially release his physical album on the 18th with bonus track, “Light It Up“.

Make sure to catch G-Dragon on ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up’ on the 19th!

Credit: Allkpop

G-Dragon’s Bentley, Lee Hyori’s Mercedes, IU’s Porsche, the high prices for the stars’ Coveted Vehicles

There are a few cars that are always in style no matter what the current trends are, and today’s Hallyu stars know exactly which.

Even the more ‘unpopular’ cars instantly become the most-searched items on internet portal sites once a huge celebrity is spotted in one of them. The cars driven by top stars in hit drama series also tend to become hot commodities, so it comes as no surprise that the stars’ personal vehicles are also making headline news.

A representative from professional used vehicle site CarPR explained, “Once the vehicle of a celebrity becomes written about, we receive a lot more calls and questions about the make and model of the car. There is increasingly more demand from consumers who are looking to purchase the same vehicles as the celebrities, but used, at a reduced cost.”

The cars of the celebrities were once considered unattainable ‘dream cars’, but that is no longer the case. Purchasing used vehicles allows individuals to obtain the cars of the celebrities at discount prices.

So how much does the average person spend have to drive a used model of the stars’ vehicles?

To start, sexy singer Lee Hyori drives a Mercedes Benz E-Class, and in Korea a new 2012 model goes for around $121,800 US. However in the case of a used model, the 2010 E-Class can be found for about $51,000 – $54,000 USD.

Actress Kim Tae Hee who is currently an advertising model for the Toyota Camry actually drives a BMW 5-series in her day to day life. A top of the line brand new model is being sold for $95,700 USD, however, a used 2008 model can be purchased for around $26,000 USD.

Stylish idol star G-Dragon of Big Bang is well-known to have a white Bentley GT, a vehicle that is priced at $252,000 USD for a brand new model. A used 2005 model would cost the average driver anywhere around $76,000 USD.

The nation’s little sister IU drives a violet Porsche Cayenne priced at around $130,000 USD. A 2006 model of the same vehicle sells for about $34,000 USD, meaning three previously-owned Cayennes can be purchased for the price of one new model.

And actress Yoo In Na who recently announced she was dating actor Ji Hyun Woo drives a sporty Audi A6, a vehicle priced at $73,000 USD for a new model. A used 2011 ‘Full Option’ A6 is priced at around $43,000 USD.

Many of the celebrity vehicles that are in high demand by consumers are foreign imports,” the CarPR rep continued. “They are high-priced vehicles that are unique and a rare sight.

Because of the high prices and costly maintenance fees involved, the cars driven by these celebrities have high market price reductions and in the case of used vehicles, they are being sold at less than 50% of the new model prices,” the rep added. “Instead of purchasing cars for the sake of mimicking top stars, it is best to purchase cars that are easy to maintain and fall within your individual budget range.”

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

Translation by AllKpop