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GD x VERBAL (M-FLO) - 121212 Twitter Convo! Verbal: “My first #Korean record I bought… Seo Taiji and Boys! 韓国のヒップホップクラシックス! #classic #1992 #puredope #YG”

GD: “@VERBAL_AMBUSH My Boss!!looks young!!haha fresh~~~~~”

Verbal: “Its the GENESIS bro! This record changed Korean music history! (RT-Ed GD’s Tweet)”

G-Dragon X Ambush Launch Party on Onstyle “Style Log”


G-Dragon - GD X Ambush “Screw It” Launch Party @My Boon Store


G-Dragon - GD X Ambush “Screw It” Launch Party @My Boon Store


G-Dragon X Ambush “Screw It” Launch Party@My Boon Store


G-Dragon’s Twitter Update (12.09.20)

#BOYZ <3

Source: @IBGDRGN and xxxibgdrgn@Instagram

Ambush X G-Dragon Collaboration Party for My Boon (12.09.20)

AMBUSH X G-DRAGON party at MY BOON #seoul


G-Dragon X Ambush Design Collaboration Party @My Boon Store (12.09.20)

2NE1 with M-Flo’s Verbal and Yoon @Backstage of New Evolution Concert


Ambush x G-Dragon Collaboration for My Boon

Japanese jewelry brand Ambush collaborated with G-Dragon in designing limited edition accessories that will be launched on September 21 at My Boon in Seoul.

According to Jaehyuk Choi of My Boon, the collab is in celebration of G-Dragon’s birthday and the release of his new album. He posted on Twitter that there will be 2 styles available and since G-Dragon likes the number 8, only 8 sets were made for the first style and 88 sets for second style. The first 8 sets will be sold on the the 21st and the rest will be available at the My Boon store in October.

Ambush is owned by rapper MC Verbal of Japanese hip-hop group M-Flo and his designer wife, Yoon. The list of celebrities who have worn their designs includes Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

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Credit: BBupdates

G-Dragon’s Twitter Update with M-Flo’s Verbal (12.08.26)

Sources: @IBGDRN, xxxibgdrgn@Instagram

Credit: BBupdates

Verbal’s Twitter Update with 2NE1 at New Evolution Concert (12.07.28)

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 killed it!!!!!!!!! ライブ凄すぎました!次回は8月3日  にて! -ed!!!  


#2NE1 killed it!!!!!!!!! Their live was too amazing! Next will be at #oto_matsuri on the 3rd of August!#AMBUSH-ed!!! #backstage #seoul #new_evolution

Source: Verbal‘s Twitter

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Taeyang, G-Dragon,Verbal and Melody @ Summer Wave Festival 2012 

From Melody’s Blog:

On July 14th,
we flew into Seoul, Korea for M-Flo’s DJ live set at the Summer Wave Festival,
held at the Caribbean Bay water park.
It was a huge event, featuring stars like Taio Cruz and Ludacris!

This time we had a special guest, Taeyang from the popular Korean group Big Bang, to sing the guy part in “Miss You”.
G-Dragon came to hang out too!

Thank you M-Flo for these crazy opportunities!
We had an amazing night!
We ♥ Korea!!

Source: Melody&Christine’s Blog

Taeyang with Yoon (12.07.18)

Game on lock @yoon_ambush#taeyang#bigbang

Source:@verbal_ambush_tokyo Instagram

Taeyang with Verbal @ Summer Wave Festival 2012

Source: Summer Wave Festival Official Facebook