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haru's reaction to tablo appa struggling to eat due to his injured shoulder

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Tablo and Haru!!!cute :)

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TABLO: “NO SAINT @realtukutz”


TABLO:i’m goin goin back back to…BACK TO WORK”


Epik High - 10th Year Anniversary Naver Special #3

1. Your thoughts on your 10 year anniversary?
Epik High: It doesn’t have a huge meaning to us. Thanks to those who have made it meaningful.

2. From 2003 to 2013, what has changed the most about Epik High (personally and musically)?
Epik High: Personally and musically, impatience and fear went away.

3. What song are you most attached to and why?
Tablo: ‘Pieces of You’. Because it was a song for my father.
Mithra: ‘Love, Love, Love’. Because it’s the song fans often say they like.
Tukutz: The songs we will discover and make. When Epik High has ended, I’ll tell you then!

4. What is a line of lyrics that you like?
Tablo: “You wear short sleeves in the winter, amateur” (Korean for 아마 추워 literally means ‘very cold’ but sounds like English word amateur). Eight by Eight
Mithra: “Perhaps I’m the only island.” Airbag
Tukutz: “Everyone says ignorance is medicine, because awareness became a sickness in this world.” Origin

5. 10 years ago, what did you imagine Epik High would be now? What turned out similarly and differently?
Tukutz: I never imagined it, I hated to imagine what we would gain and lose while being Epik high. A life expecting failure is a fascinating thing.
Tablo: Success or failure, we always steered clear of expectations.

6. Since your debut, what dream has disappeared? Have you achieved that dream now?
Tablo: Our style is to grow impossible dreams, so we’re always dreaming (seemingly) stupid dreams.

7. In 10 years, what was your biggest problem?
Tablo: You know all about it.

8. In 10 years, what was your happiest moment while promoting songs?
Mithra: The Naver Live Club performance last year after we had been inactive for a long time. Because we could start again, we were happy.

9. Any words for your fans who have been with you for 10 years?
Epik High: We’ve never made an official fanclub, but to those who voluntarily follow us and give us a reason to perform, we want to say thanks (they say thanks in informal language like a friend would say).

10. Future plans?
Epik High: We’d rather not say (they’re referring back to how they don’t like predicting expectations).

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TABLO: “I remember”




Epik High,Haru + Kang Hye Jung @ 131103 KBS Superman Is Back Ep 1


DJ Tukutz (131101):swag is bad fo yo helf”

Tablo: “But its warm (RT-ed DJ Tukutz’s tweet)”


DEE.P,PK,Seugri,Tablo & Taeyang (Cuvism Magazine Coverage)

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TABLO: “A Team & B Team are the best…all of you are winners”

Tablo’s reaction after Team A WINNER’s live performance [x]

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Epik High - 10th Year Anniversary Naver Special #1

EPIK HIGH 2003 - 2013 -  EPIK HIGH’s 10th year anniversary!


Oct. 23th 2013 is EPIK HIGH’s 10th year anniversary!

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