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2NE1’s first performance in England leaves European buyers awe-struck

2NE1 successfully captured the hearts of the European buyers with their first performance in England.

As the honorary ambassadors of Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo 2013 (KBEE), 2NE1 visited England on Nov 5 in Old Billingsgate to deliver a dynamic performance, firing up the audience which included the European buyers.

The performance in England was the first for 2NE1 since their debut, and they showcased the much internationally-beloved hit songs like ‘Lonely,’ ‘I Am the Best’ and ‘Do You Love Me.’

Apart from their performance, 2NE1 once again aroused much attention in the hologram concert, which was unveiled for the first time overseas. Hologram concert was one of the many events at the Expo. Holding the high-technology event is especially meaningful because England is known for leading the world when it comes to the hologram technology field.

At the Expo, YG Entertainment designed a hologram concert for its artists 2NE1 and YG, and 2NE1 appeared first on stage as hologram figures.

The hologram concert which involves a dynamic performance of 2NE1 and PSY’s hologram show and two enormous media façade on each side of the stage, made the audience feel like the artists were actually performing.

International fans who have less opportunities to meet 2NE1 and PSY in real life queued up in a long line to see the artists. Their highly enthusiastic reactions were a positive confirmation on the outlook for exporting hologram concert overseas.

The Next Interactive K (NIK), which made the hologram concert possible, was a collaborative work between YG and d’strict. d’strict possesses convergence contents technology (technologies like hologram and media façade), cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology, and telecommunication giant KT’s capital and support for distribution. YG and d’strict plan to accelerate the business expansion of hologram concert, which is a combination of YG’s artists’ contents and IT technology, and will be getting ready to begin exporting the business in full force.

Source & Translation: yg-life

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YG Family’s Official Hologram Website Photos

Note: Big Bang’s Hologram Coming Soon


PSY Highlights- YG Hologram Show

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PSY - Opening Message @ 131025 YG x MNET WIN EP 10 (FINALE)

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YG Family nominated at 2013 MAMA in Hong Kong


  • Best Female Group
  • Artist of The Year


  • Best Dance Performance (Female Solo) - The Baddest Female
  • Song Of The Year - The Baddest Female


  • Best Male Artist
  • Best Dance Performance (Solo Male) - Crooked
  • Best Music Video - COUP D’ETAT
  • Artist Of The Year
  • Song Of The Year - Crooked

Lee Ha Yi

  • Best New Female Artist
  • Best Female Vocal Performance - 1234
  • Artist Of The Year
  • Song Of The Year - 1344


  • Best Male Artist
  • Best Dance Performance (Solo Male) - Gentleman
  • Best Music Video - Gentleman
  • Artist Of The Year
  • Song Of The Year - Gentleman


  • Best Dance Performance (Solo Male) - Gotta Talk To U
  • Song Of The Year - Gotta Talk To U


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PSY, Running for Triple Crown in “YouTube Music Awards”

Singer Psy has been nominated for three categories of YouTube Music Awards.

On the 22, video-streaming site YouTube disclosed the nominees for the YouTube Music Awards and information about the ceremony. YouTube Music Awards is an event to award the artists and music which have been the most popular among YouTubers for the year.

YouTube Music Awards has six categories including Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, Response of the Year, YouTube Breakthrough, and Innovation of the Year. Among them, Psy is nominated for Video of the Year, Artist of the Year, and YouTube Breakthrough, with his “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman”.

“I Got A Boy” of Girl’s Generation is also nominated for the Video of the Year, to compete with Psy’s “Gentleman”.

The awards will be held in New York, USA, on November 3. Celebratory concerts for the awards will be held in New York, Seoul, Moscow, London, and Rio de Janeiro. SHINee, SISTAR, Miss A, 4minute will perform at the Seoul concert.

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YG receives 3 YouTube awards: A True Record breaker!

YG Entertainment was granted 3 awards at the award ceremony held by the world’s largest video-sharing website, YouTube. YG broke the record by receiving the highest number of awards

At the ceremony titled YouTube Pulse, held in Hannamdong Seoul on Sept 25, YG’s artists PSY (, BIGBANG (, and 2NE1 ( received the ‘YouTube Partner Gold Play” award for their official channels.

Gold Play award is given to those who have more than 1 million subsribers on their channels. PSY attracted 6.47m subscribers while BIGBANG and 2NE1 raked in 2.11m and 1.76m respectively. The total number of subscribers on the channels adds up to whopping 13.31m.

YG is known for its advanced usage of social media, apart from YouTube. According to a study released by a research company on Facebook data, PSY, G-DRAGON, 2NE1 and BIGBANG rank 5th in the number of Fans, Likes (which indicates a positive response of the viewer) and page sharing. 

G-DRAGON’s twitter account is chosen as the most influential social media page of a K-Pop artist. His recently created Weibo account in China attracted 300,000 followers in just one day, which more than enough to shock the related personnel from China’s largest social networking site.

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LA Weekly: The 10 Sexiest Men in K-Pop

  1. PSY
  2. T.O.P
  3. Choi Siwon (Super Junior)
  4. Jay Park
  5. Rain
  6. Tablo
  7. Hero Jaejoong (DBSK, JYJ)
  8. Taeyang
  9. Choi Minho (SHINee)
  10. Se7en

1. Psy
No, seriously! Within the image-obsessed K-pop landscape, there doesn’t seem to be much room for anyone who doesn’t embody the physical ideal. Armed with an acerbic wit and a knack for infectious anthems, the veteran hip-hopper proves you don’t need to be a hottie with a body to have real swagger. He’s a talented underdog who’s down to have fun, and you can’t beat that. Oppa Gangam style!

2. T.O.P. (Big Bang)
Ladies love this dashing and understatedly cool rapper. As a kid, T.O.P. found refuge in the underground rap scene and was later deemed too chubby for K-pop. But he made it, and nowadays it often looks like he’s trying not to crack up during his group’s cheesier dance numbers. Nonetheless, he has a commanding stage presence (you can’t miss his baritone voice) and has already launched a successful acting career. K-pop, he’s too cool for you

6. Tablo (Epik High)
When rumors stirred that Tablo faked his Stanford degrees (he hadn’t), his career tanked, and he and his then-pregnant wife received death threats. It was all a real shame because he’s a cute, whip-smart talent that helped pave the way for hip-hop in South Korea. Fortunately, after years in hiatus, Tablo recently made a comeback.

8. Taeyang (Big Bang)
Taeyang isn’t allowed to keep his shirt on longer than 30 minutes at a time, apparently. Perhaps that’s part of the reason his solo music has been popular in the U.S. and Canada as well. Owing in part to the soulful single “Wedding Dress,” Taeyang instantly solidified himself as the sensitive bad boy crooning his way out of heartbreak. You can think of him as the Justin Timberlake of the group Big Bang.

10. Se7en
Se7en is a veteran of one of the early “Korean waves” that took East Asia by storm. Speculating that he could cross over, his management sent him to the U.S. to record a single with Lil Kim, but it flopped. He later reclaimed his place as a heartthrob in Korea and Japan and is one of the more well-known K-pop acts today. His career is currently on hold again, due to military conscription. On his first day of active duty, his record label YG released his single “Thank U.” Come home safe, Private Se7en.


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YG Life Update: WHO’s NEXT? (13.05.06)

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PSY - ‘GENTLEMAN’ 1st Live Performance

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Big Bang′s G-Dragon Gave Psy the Idea to Use Brown Eyed Girls′ Dance for ′Gentleman′

It turns out the man who brought up the idea of using Brown Eyed Girls′ Abracadabra dance for Psy′s Gentleman was Big Bang′s G-Dragon.

Psy has been dancing the dance for his new single Gentleman, even paying copyright fees to use the dance.

Lee Joo Sun, Psy′s choreographer, had said, "We have a great dance. We thought up 50 different dances, everything from a sports dance to an animal dance, but we finally decided that [Brown Eyed Girls′] dance fits the song best."

The decision was apparently affected by another man, and a recent Twitter conversation revealed just who it was.

Psy tweeted to G-Dragon, “You danced the [Abracadabra] dance as soon as you heard the song, and that′s why we thought of using it.”

To this G-Dragon answered, “I′m good at that dance.”

His skill in the dance was previously shown off in a music show, when G-Dragon shook his hips in an imitation of the dance in front of the camera.

Psy′s music video to Gentleman has passed 150 million views in just six days.


Source: Enewsworld

Soo Bong Ko’s Twitter & Foursquare Photo Update with G-Dragon & PSY (13.04.14)

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