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Taeyang’s Arrival at the Soundcheck for the MTV K Music Experiment 2.0(13.11.26)

NOTE: Taeyang took presents from fans after soundcheck and YB518% (who flew to California as well for the event) said that before they left Taeyang shook a fan’s hand and was told (something along the lines of) “I came all the way from Mexico” and Taeyang responded “I came all the way from Korea”, and another fan told Taeyang their name (“My name is ____”) and he said “My name is Taeyang”.

See a short video here and here via tracycozette’s instagram

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Taeyang’s Arrival at California for the MTV K Music Experiment 2.0(13.11.26)

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TAEYANG’s San Francisco concert has been rescheduled to OCTOBER 10TH!

He’ll be performing live as part of Intel and MTV IGGY’s Music Experiment concert series on October 10, 2013 at a secret location.

We will reveal the location and costume theme in the coming days, so keep an eye on
, and don’t forget to enter our daily challenges to win free tickets to Taeyang’s show.

Best of luck,

The Music Experiment

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MTV IGGY & Intel

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MTV K’s Music Experiment is bringing Taeyang in San Francisco this October 5?

Attention all VIPs: The next Music Experiment artist is Big Bang’s Taeyang!!! Spread the word to win tickets!

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Daesung & VJ Boo MTV Program D’splay Returns

Source: MTV Japan

Japanese MTV program welcomes BIGBANG DAESUNG’s return as MC… his excellent performance leads to a sequel

BIGBANG’s DAESUNG returns to Japanese program on MTV channel as an MC.
DAESUNG will be an MC for Japan’s entertainment specializing channel MTV’s variety show program D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay Returns. It will be aired on October 7th (Monday) at 11 p.m. in Japan.
This program is a sequel of DAESUNG’s first MC-ing program in April called ‘D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay’. In the second one DAESUNG stands before the viewers as an MC again, thanks to their great support and interest for the South Korean artists.
MTV’s DJ Boo is the co-MC of the show, who has known DAESUNG personally from the past. The variety show ‘D-LITE & VJ Boo D’splay Returns’ will feature the two touring around different places in Yokohama’s Hakkeijima for an adventure.
The upcoming program will also show the interview with DAESUNG after his very successful and dynamic finale at Japan’s largest summer festival ‘a-nation’ on August 4. The interview will encompass everything from his popularity in Japan and his future music related activities.
In February, DAESUNG released his first solo album D’scover in Japan, and his title song ‘Utau Taino Ballad’ has helped him rise to stardom, ranking 2nd on Oricon weekly chart, the highest rank ever to be achieved by a Korean solo artist from a band. He then moved on to rank #5 with his follow up solo single ‘I LOVE YOU’ on Oricon weekly chart, and proved his high popularity by topping Japanese USEN Request Ranking chart.
In the first half of this year, DAESUNG was joined by 100,000 fans in his 26 concerts in 20 cities for D-LITE D’scover Tour 2013 in Japan, which ended in remarkable success. And from November, he will be holding Japan’s 6 largest dome tour with the rest of the BIGBANG members, which will be the first one for a foreign artist.
Photo by MTV Japan

MTV VJ Boo’s Twitter Photo Update with Daesung (13.07.09)

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20130709 The MTV Show Episode 13 Teaser

My world: BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR DOCUMENTARY-Download and streaming links ›


YAY!!! I’m finally done with all the uploads! Now it’s your time to sit down and enjoy this.

I mostly did it for my US followers ‘cause the documentary is not available on the MTV website for them.

You can either watch on youtube (and hurry up before they’re taken down):

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Or download :)

Part 1:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

You’re welcome <3

MTV Documentary “Big Bang Alive Around the World” (Part 4/4)

Source: Elaineesssssss@YT

MTV Documentary “Big Bang Alive Around the World” (Part 3.3/4)

Source: Elaineesssssss@YT

MTV Documentary “Big Bang Alive Around the World” (Part 3/4)

Source: Elaineesssssss@YT

MTV Documentary “Big Bang Alive Around the World” (Part 2/4)

Source: Elaineesssssss@YT

MTV Documentary “Big Bang Alive Around the World” (Part 1/4)


MTV Documentary “Big Bang: Alive Around the World” to Debut Online May 2nd (Preview)

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