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Taeyang Blowing a kiss!!!

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Dara’s Me2day Update (12.09.30)

Original Post: 매공연마다 제 무대를 빛내주시는 럭키가이들 고마워요!^_^ 일본투어 마지막공연! 오늘의 럭키가이는 뉴규~?!? 오늘도 기대할게요! ^.*

Translation: I’m thankful for the lucky guys who make my performance shine each time!^_^ Last Japanese performance! Who is today’s lucky guy~?!? I’m excited for today! ^.*

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Dara teases a fanboy in her Performance of Kiss on 2NE1 New Evolution Concert

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YG Family’s Kiss Marks

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Taeyang’s Twitter Updates [12.06.14]

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Big Bang’s Kiss Mark

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BigBang Kiss With YG Family Exhibition Photos

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YGE to hold “Kiss With YG Family” 15th Anniversary Exhibit

- Exhibition Place: Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam Station, Sin Bundang Line B2, G-Arche
- Exhibition Period: 2011.11.26 (SAT) ~ 2012.01.05 (THU)/ 07:30am~12:00am
- Arranged by G-Arche
- Hosted by YG Entertainment
- Sponsored by G-Arche, A shop

YG Family 15th Anniversary Exhibition “KISS WITH YG FAMILY”

At this exhibition, you will see the last 15 years of YG’s music history. Albums, videos and kiss marks (made by YG FAMILY) will be displayed and there will also be items with the kiss marks that will be available for sale.

The profits from the sale will be donated to the YG WITH Campaign.

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