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2NE1 @SBS Inkigayo - 그리워해요(MISSING YOU) No.1 of the Week (13.12.08)

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Taeyang @SBS Inkigayo - 링가 링가(RINGA LINGA) (13.12.01)


2NE1 @SBS Inkigayo - 그리워해요(MISSING YOU) No.1 of the week (13.12.01)

Source: 2NE1@YT

Taeyang - Ringa Linga @SBS Inkigayo (Fancam) (13.11.24)

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Taeyang @SBS Inkigayo_링가 링가 (RINGA LINGA) No.1 of the week (13.11.24)


2NE1 @SBS Inkigayo - 그리워해요(Missing You) (13.11.24)

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TAEYANG targets female audience with his powerful + unique performance on Inkigayo

BIGBANG’s TAEYANG fired up the female audience on a music program with his confidence and powerful performance featuring his unique voice

TAEYANG made an appearance on SBS’s Inkigayo on Nov 17 to showcase the performance of his new song, ‘Ringa Linga.’

On the day, he was geared in an outfit only he can pull off, and immediately grabbed the attention of the audience. He dominated the stage with his natural and yet free-spirited performance.

‘Ringa Linga’ is a work co-composed by G-DRAGON and other foreign artists, and written by TAEYANG himself. TAEYANG, usually known for his sentimental R&B style voice and the groovy dance moves, aroused much attention among the fans to see how he can pull off G-DRAGON’s song that has a strong element of hip-hop and rap.

Apart from TAEYANG, other artists like Miss A, SHiNEE, K Will, Trouble Maker, Davichi, Gahee, Untouchable, Taewon, A-Jax, Bestie, Bangtan Boys, Fiestar, N-Sonic, Baek Seung Heon, Empire, Mr. Mr., Tint and LPG also made an appearance to deliver dynamic performances.

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Taeyang @SBS Inkigayo - Ringa Linga (13.11.17)


Taeyang’s Interview @SBS Inkigayo (13.11.10)

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Taeyang’s Comeback Stage @SBS Inkigayo - RINGA LINGA (13.11.10)


Taeyang – ‘RINGA LINGA’ Comeback Teaser Video @ SBS Inkigayo Next Week


G-Dragon @SBS Inkigayo - BLACK+니가 뭔데 (WHO YOU)+삐딱하게 (CROOKED) Farewell Stage (13.11.03)


G-Dragon ft. Lydia Paek @SBS Inkigayo - R.O.D (13.10.06)


G-Dragon @SBS Inkigayo - 니가 뭔데 (WHO YOU) + No.1 of the week (13.09.22)


Seungri’s Instagram Updates (13.09.15-16)

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