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2NE1’s Blackjack Nolza Concert Goods

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GlobalBlackjack Twitter Update (12.06.20)

 Yesterday, we were under the Cannes sunlight … today, we are making a snowman in the Italian Alps!

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2NE1’s Official Twitter Updates (12.06.18)

Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

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2NE1’s Official Twitter Updates (12.06.15)

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[Notice] Official Opening of 2NE1 Global Black Jack Twitter Page! (English/Japanese)

Hello, we are the official representative of YG FAMILY FANCLUB.

We are pleased to announce the opening of the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page.

The official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page is the perfect place for 2NE1 fans from all over the world where 2NE1 fans will have access to 2NE1’s domestic and overseas schedules, news and many more. In particular, the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page will provide global 2NE1 fans with access to a wide variety of resources and information including the latest album and concert news, members’ anecdotes, previous 2NE1 albums and music videos, members’ fashion and life style and stories behind their songs and lyrics. In short, you may find out everything you want to know about 2NE1 at the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page!

Please find below relevant 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page information:

- Twitter handle: @GlobalBlackjack

- Opening Date: June 15, 2012

- URL link:

"Follow the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page and receive members’ personal messages!"

In addition to the above, a special opening event where members will either tweet their personal thank you messages to followers, or re-tweet followers’ messages will take place during the period of five (5) days from June 15, 2012 to June 20, 2012.

Follow the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page now to become the lucky winners!

Best regards,

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Dara’s Me2day Update [12.05.17]

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좀 더 가까이 찍은거!!!ㅋㅋㅋ 풋풋했던 파이어 시절 모습들^___^ 아직도 풋풋해요!ㅠ 그쵸?? 그나저나 역쉬.. 투애니원 데뷔일 아니랄까봐.. 밖은 어두워지고 비가 조금씩 내리고 천둥소리까지 들리네!!! 0.0 오마이갓 ㅋㅋㅋ


A more close-up photo!!! Ke ke ke This is our fresh appearance during Fire era ^___^ Still fresh now! ㅠ Right?? Speaking of which.. During 2NE1′s debut day, I wasn’t very afraid.. But now, it’s raining outside and it’s slowly getting dark, and now I’m hearing loud thunder!!! 0.0 Oh my ghad Ke ke ke

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