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2NE1’s Facebook Update: (13.11.12)

[Happy Birthday DARA] #HappyDaraDay

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Dara’s Instagram Update (13.11.11)


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YG Life Update: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARA (13.11.12)

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YGEnt_Official’s Twitter Update (13.11.04)

Happy Birthday T.O.P #TOP27BDAY

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YG Life Update: HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.O.P (13.11.04)

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YG Life Update: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TABLO (13.07.22)


Taeyang’s Twitter Update on his Birthday (13.05.18)

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YGEnt_Official’s Twitter Update (13.05.17)

Happy Birthday TAEYANG

Note: Late Posting…Taeyang’s Birthday is last May 18.

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Big Bang’s Facebook Update: Happy Birthday TAEYANG ! (13.05.18)

Note: Late Posting…Taeyang’s Birthday is last May 18.

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YG Life Update: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAEYANG (13.05.18)

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4 Days to YBday//YOUNGbae Pre-debut

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YG Family’s Twitter Update (13.04.26)

[Happy Birthday Daesung!]

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#HappyDSday (◡‿◡✿)

Happy birthday Daesungie oppa! As you birthday came closer i could feel all the feelings i have for you floading my chest. You are one of those rare things that are so good, you want to share them with others, rather than keeping them all to yourself. This is how amazing you are.
I want to thank you for making me happy in so many different ways this year:

  • Wathcing fancams of you from the alive tour, waving at fans, making eye contact, smiling, jumping up and down. You looked like you’re in your natural place, and it gave me hope.
  • The D’scover album that you worked so hard on, it’s evident that you poured your heart into this album. You made every song sound like your own.
  • Watching you promoting your album in japan made me miss varitey!dae so much. How can i stop smiling after 20 minutes of your stupid face??
  • Your interactions with your members are always heartwarming, since all of them love you so much, and you should drown in love. You said that now you feel more comfortable to share your feelings, doubts and fears with them, and it made me soso glad, because you can’t just be a sponge, absorbing everyone else’s problems. You all became closer and it shows.

I just want you to know that you’re not my bias because of your voice or your body -there are so many others with beautiful singing voices and gorgeous abs- you’re my bias because you keep on changing, growing, developing as a person. You used to be so inscure, never showed your true feelings, and look at you now. But the best thing about you is that your very core never changes, you’re always so kind, always put others before you. You genuinly loves what you do and never trie to act cool or be something you aren’t. It’s funny how an angel is so down to earth, isn’t it? :) That’s what makes you heavenly.
Your voice shines, your whole being shines because your soul is golden, and i’m proud to say you’re my idol.

I wish you all the happiness in the world because if anyone deserves it, it’s you oppa. I love you so much and again~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ♥

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Happy Birthday Bom form YG (13.03.25)

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