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Taeyang @Yoo Hee Yeol Sketchbook (13.11.16) (HD Version)

~ Playing Ringa Linga

~ I Need A Girl

~ Only Look at Me

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Taeyang @Gimpo Airport back from Japan (13.11.18)


Taeyang @Gimpo Airport back from Japan (13.11.18)


GQ’s Jang WooChul talks about Taeyang (13.11.11)

GQ Editor Jang Woocheol was a guest on the Nov 11 broadcast of Lee Jin’s MBC radio show “The Morning Opens the World.” The guest chooses a topic of the day to discuss and JWC decided to talk about Taeyang :

Listen to it here on YBMania. Translations by Redsun.

LeeJin : Today’s first subject is – you can do it on your own…

JangWooChul : It’s TaeYang. TaeYang.

LeeJin : TaeYang?

JangWooChul : TaeYang from BigBang, DongYoungBae.

LeeJin : Yeah, why did you choose him for today’s subject?

JangWooChul : He’s making his solo stage on his own now? He released his new song.

LeeJin : He has begun his solo activity recently.

JangWooChul : Yes, He released the song named ‘Ringa-Linga’, and I always look forward to TaeYang’s solo stage. When I watch his stage, it feels like he’s doing what he wants to do, and it seems like he had been waiting to show the thing he wants to show. Maybe others do so too, but his stage is really special.. it feels like his stage is beyond entertainment. I sometimes explain it with the word ‘true heart’, but it’s…well.. he’s really special. Actually I have had quite a lot of interviews with him – maybe 5 times – and whenever I meet him, his words inspire me a lot.

LeeJin : He’s quite young, isn’t he?

JangWooChul : He is. He was younger then. He’s born in 1988, so he’s still very young, but he always shows the thing we can only see in that particular age.

LeeJin : Do you have anything special you remember?

JangWooChul : Hmm. It seemed like he had changed a lot once. It was, maybe our fifth interview I think… At that time, he hadn’t changed, but somehow I felt what he’s saying had changed a bit, so I asked him so, and he answered ‘Maybe because I have passed several seasons.’

LeeJin : Wow.. Awesome…

JangWooChul : It wasn’t that he wants to look good, it’s just himself. It just came out from him. Sometimes young people say something awesome, which surprises you right? It seems like that kind of thing, but those words and the thing he shows from his stage were so close, so it seems those words are from his true heart. Anyway I really longed for his stage, and finally he had a glorious comeback this time. He revealed a dance performance clip before releasing his music video, which was quite unusual. He showed great choreography with 12 top dancers in US, so I just realized again that he is really special.

LeeJin : TaeYang looks like – I don’t know what his character really is, but his image in public doesn’t look like he talks a lot. How is he?

JangWooChul : Yes, Yes it is. His character doesn’t fit in the entertainment field. When he appears in variety shows he’s shy and can’t show his ability well, but on stage, he is a born performer. I think that difference makes him more attractive, and feels more human. If someone make a concept of oneself and talks through the concept, like fitting oneself to the character… I have had so many interviews, so when the interviewee talks to me, somehow I can see the person’s attitude for the interview.

Maybe other people would feel it too. For example, this man seems to speak frankly, but he would say different things at other times, or this man gave me a absentminded greeting first time, but when I turn on my voice recorder he became a polite person .. then I can see the false modesty in them right? But I’ve never had that kind of feeling from him. So, hmm.. when he’s shy on tv show, or never had an romantic relationship- which he really hates to hear about – anyway that kind of thing seems to show what he really is.

LeeJin : Even if someone doesn’t speak much, the truth from one’s heart shows more than the words. It’s much better than talking too much and decorating one’s words.

JangWooChul : Yes. Some people say it’s better not to talk at the moment when you can’t decide to say something or not. But I always do.(Laugh)

LeeJin : You have to say it first.

JangWooChul : How are we supposed to know if you are not telling us? The saying I hate the most is ‘Do I really have to say it?’ – This kind of thing.

LeeJin : Yes, they do.

JangWooChul : Or write it then.(laugh)

LeeJin : Yes, I hate it. Although they are not speaking their mind but they still want people to know their mind.

JangWooChul : Somehow we haven’t mentioned his new song at all.

LeeJin : Ringa-Linga.

JangWooChul : The way he sings and dances, they all seems sharper and more colorful. The style also becomes very bold, and outstanding. It’s really different from Bigbang’s stage shared with the other 4 members.

LeeJin : Yes.

JangWooChul : We always wonder about that part. How does he feel about the solo stage, since he has been with 4 other members all the time.

LeeJin : It should be such a burden.

JangWooChul : Of course he does. But I think he also has that kind of pleasure for the stage as well.

LeeJin : He started his first solo activity in 2008.

JangWooChul : Yes, yes, he did.

LeeJin : With the album included ‘Only Look at Me’.

JangWooChul : Yes, that one was a brilliant song.

LeeJin : Aww that song is classic.

JangWooChul : That’s the first time I found TaeYang’s charm.

LeeJin : Hmm yes.

JangWooChul : There was.. he wants to sing the song with his own way. I liked the kind of the confidence I can see in that song.

LeeJin : We are talking about the 3 things which can enrich our life – the first subject is ‘you can do it on your own’ and talking about TaeYang. We should listen to his music then.

JangWooChul : Yes. Here comes his new song – Ringa-Linga.


Billboard: BIGBANG’s Taeyang Balances EDM & Hip-Hop on ‘Ringa Linga’

The BIGBANG rapper/singer enlists bandmate G-Dragon to produce his first solo single in three years.

Taeyang — the lead vocalist of one of K-pop’s most internationally-recognized bands BIGBANG — dropped new single “Ringa Linga” to preview his upcoming second solo album, complete with two accompanying music videos.

"Ringa Linga" not only breaks Taeyang’s lengthy hiatus of three years since his solo debut, "SOLAR," in 2010 and acts as a strong reminder of Taeyang’s multiple talents as a vocalist, rapper and dancer who can easily command the spotlight solo. Despite Taeyang’s low-key/laid back offstage persona (he’s the only member of BIGBANG to have dodged a major scandal or public outrage), Taeyang exudes confidence, charisma and even a bit of cockiness on his latest offering. 

In Case You Missed It: Billboard hangs backstage with Taeyang and the rest of BIGBANG

"Ringa Linga" is a melodic hip-hop-meets-soul cut (composed by bandmate G-Dragon and Jose E. Luna), fused with soaring electronic beats, velvety vocals and rhythmic rapping. Taeyang begins the track, confidently boasting, “My name is T to the A to the E to the Y to the ANG / I’m always burning up fire / Girls cry at my song and body” and continues grooving through the track with his vocal dexterity. The infectious chorus, with the repetitive “ringa linga” and siren-like synths, has an instant sing-along sensibility. 

The official music video (above), which was released on Nov. 9, features bandmate and his longtime friend G-Dragon as well as a posse of his dancers in a backdrop of a factory.

Two days earlier, Taeyang unveiled a simple choreography-only clip that that looks to have been filmed in one take. In the visual, the 25-year-old flaunts his extravagant footwork, looking almost casual among some of the top dancers he enlisted from the States. There are no fancy outfits, extravagant accessories and dramatic makeup, all which help viewers stay focused on the actual choreography, crafted by New Zealand-bred dancer Parris Goebel. She has previously worked with big names like Jennifer Lopez. 

In recent news, the K-pop star has lined up a U.S. performance this month for MTV Iggy and Intel.

Source: Billboard

Taeyang Says “If Given the Opportunity to Act, I Wouldn’t Disappoint”

Big Bang member Taeyang recently expressed interest in acting after attending the premiere of “The Alumni” featuring fellow member T.O.P.

On November 11, Taeyang met with press at a cafe and shared his thoughts on pursuing acting himself in the future. “I just watched ‘The Alumni’ starring T.O.P as a leading actor, and I thought he did an amazing job. When I watched the movie, I saw him as the character, not as my fellow group member.” Taeyang added lightly, “If I was ever given the opportunity to act, I’m sure I wouldn’t disappoint.” He continued, “I wasn’t interested in it before, and it’s not as though I have an overwhelming interest in it right now…but while watching movies even at home – I realized that movies and music alike can make you feel something. If I was given a role that suited me and allowed me to express those feelings, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to try it out.”

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Seungri’s Instagram Update with Japanese Actress Takimoto Miori (13.11.16)

Orig: JAPAN🇯🇵 UULA TV Drama ‘指恋’ With Takimoto miori(たきもと みおり) - Coming Soon - #SR #指恋 #UULATV

Trans: JAPAN UULA TV Drama ‘Youbicoi-A Message to You’ With Takimoto miori - Coming Soon -

Source: seungriseyo@Instagram

Translation: BBupdates

Seungri for UULA Japan


Seungri for UULA Japan

Note: These are previews and teasers for his new smartphone drama.

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Big Bang’s Japan Dome Concert in Seibu Dome (Cut)


Big Bang Japan Dome Tour @Seibu Dome (13.11.16-17)

Source: Big Bang’s Official Facebook

Big Bang Japan Dome Tour @Seibu Dome (13.11.16-17)

Source: Big Bang’s Official Facebook

Big Bang Japan Dome Tour @Seibu Dome (13.11.16-17)

Source: Big Bang’s Official Facebook

WINNER @Big Bang’s Japan Dome Tour in Seibu Dome (13.11.16-17)

Source: big Bang’s Official Facebook

Big Bang Japan Dome Tour @Seibu Dome (13.11.16-17)

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